Resources | What to expect on Photo Day

We’ve spent years refining our photo day processes to ensure a smooth experience for teachers, students and parents.

The MSP Photography team will arrive early to ensure plenty of time to meet the school’s photo day coordinator to discuss school protocols and the plan for the day. All photographic equipment is set up well before the first photos are taken. Some schools choose to have their staff photo before students arrive to free them up after the bell sounds.  Everything we do is designed to keep disruptions to your school to a minimum.

Group photos

When students arrive for their group photo, they’ll meet the photographer who will take them through what happens during the photo shoot.

Where the traditional presentation (full group photo option) as been selected by the school, students will first be lined up in height order to make it easy to arrange them into group rows.

The photographer will make sure all children are neat and tidy, with well-groomed hair and straight collars. Row by row, the children will be instructed on how to sit or stand to ensure a consistent posture and pose. This may take a little while, but the attention to detail helps ensure a great group photograph everyone can look back with fondness.

Once the photographer is happy he or she has a winning shot, they will provide instructions on leaving the stands in a safe and orderly manner. The classroom teacher will usually then take the students to the portrait studio for individual photographs.


At the portrait area, the class group will be greeted by another MSP Photography team member who will match each student to their own pre-pay envelope and again ensure everyone is well groomed prior to having their portrait taken.

Each student takes turns to move into the portrait area where they follow the simple instructions of the portrait photographer.

Once the photographer is happy with the portrait, the student leaves the area as directed and waits quietly until every student has been photographed, at which time they will return to their usual classroom activities.

Help for parents

Parents are encouraged to contact their MSP Photography franchise where our friendly staff are more than happy to answer any and all questions about:

• lost envelopes
• how to order photos
• what to do in the case of student absence
• how to arrange a sibling photo
• when and how photos are delivered.

At the end of the day

Once all school photographs are taken (including extras such as sibling or friend shots, teams and whole school photos) the MSP Photography team will pack up all equipment leaving the space exactly as they found it.

They will also speak with the photo day organiser to ensure the school is happy with the day’s photography and discuss delivery times.