Free school photo reprints for flood affected families.
In the aftermath of damaging Australian flooding in 2022, MSP Photography would like to help affected families in their recovery efforts as they start to rebuild their homes and their lives. We understand that the memories that photos can hold can be a significant loss so we would like to do our small part to help by replacing school photos.
The offer explained

We are offering free reprints of school photos to affected families. The offer is limited to those who have previously purchased photos from MSP Photography. Please note, terms and conditions do apply these are detailed on the bottom of the page.

The offer in more detail:
  1. Free reprints of packages purchased from MSP Photography in years gone by.
  2. Free downloads of digital portraits included in the packages purchased in previous years. Please note that any reproduction is limited to the photos that currently exist in our archives.
Accessing the offer

To access the offer please enter your details in the form below and student information for each photo reprint requested.

Our team will be in touch via email to give you updates on how your order is progressing.

Please complete the form below:

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Terms and Conditions
Offer conditions and limitations:
  1. The offer is limited to previous MSP Photography customers who have previously purchased photography packages and for the cycle in which they were purchased.
  2. The offer is limited to families or individuals impacted by floods in Australia.  We reserve all right with regards to approving applications and orders.
  3. MSP Photography will endeavour to meet the demand for reprints in a timely manner, however, historical reprints may take between 8-12 weeks to be processed.
  4. In some instances, additional proof of purchase, proof of identity or validation of eligibility steps may be required to ensure our privacy and distribution policies are maintained.
  5. Customers wishing to access their past photo purchases must provide the appropriate details and evidence of past purchases. This is to ensure photos are securely distributed to the rightful owners of the photos and do not violate any restrictions imposed at the time of purchase. For instance family members who are restricted, due to legal or other reasons, from accessing student images.
  6. MSP Photography accepts no responsibility for falsified applications that may lead to photography being distributed to restricted persons. As detailed in point 6, we require adequate details and evidence of past purchases before honouring any claim.