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What our happy customers have been saying about us

Thanks for another great set of photos !!

Been using these guys for years. They seem to have a very good knack for dealing with kids and getting smiles as I’ve worked as a helper at my school on photo day. Love the photos and the prices were very reasonable. The extra care taken is obvious. Thanks for another great set of photos.

Beautiful Memories

9yrs of MSP Photos and a very happy customer indeed. Spot on for colour, focus, service and price.. other friends with images from other suppliers look at the quality of mine and wish theirs were so good – thanks MSP!


The staff at MSP are awesome! They look after the kids on photo day, professional & easy to discuss issues with.

Have never had a problem with school photos being edited or photoshopped in the 4 years of school life.

Great photos thanks

Gorgeous quality of paper used, time and patience in taking images of school kids and the result are photos that I will cherish for a lifetime. Kodak professional paper used by MSP photos of my kindy aged daughter in a special needs class at a Perth school. All the kids are smiling. I know the teachers were so happy and as a mum I am delighted.

You guys ROCK!

The staff were so friendly and obliging! The photographer, Dean allowed me to have a class photo with my Year Ones even though he had already taken the shot with my fill in supply teacher! I was running late from the hospital as my beautiful baby granddaughter had just been born! Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding with my situation! You guys ROCK!


I have never had such an easy time ordering school photos – and this was about the 30th time I’ve ordered them (I have four children). It was incredible, seamless, elegant even! Congratulations to your and your team for making the process so clear and simple. You are godsends to busy parents.

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