School FAQs

At MSP Photography we want to ensure our approach to school photography is easy for everyone involved.

To help, we’ve prepared answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) schools have about our processes.

  • We have made a booking with MSP Photography. What happens now?

    Several weeks prior to your nominated photo day, a representative from your local MSP Photography business will contact you to arrange data collection for our personalised pre-pay envelopes and to confirm logistics with the photo day coordinator. Any questions you may have about photo day can be asked at this stage, or as the need arises. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have before, during and after photo day!

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    Each local MSP Photography business is slightly different. Most MSP Photography businesses accept cash and credit card payments.  Major credit cards can be used when ordering via our online order page.

  • Are we able to obtain a record of all school photographs for school use?

    Yes, we can provide the school copies of staff and student portraits. These can be shared via a secure and encrypted file transfer process. Group photographs can be arranged at special request.

  • How long will it take for our photographs to be delivered to the school?

    At MSP Photography, we pride ourselves on delivering your photos quickly and aim to have your order delivered to the school within 4-6 weeks of photo day. This depends on proofing turnaround times and delivery times, particularly to remote schools. If you have not received your photos in the agreed timeframe, please contact your local MSP representative for an update on delivery.

  • Have your photographers and staff had a police check?

    Yes, it is a requirement that all our staff have current ‘Working with Children’ accreditation and police clearance.

  • What if a parent is unhappy with a child’s photo? Do you offer refunds to parents?

    At MSP Photography, we aim for smiles – from students, parents and schools.  MSP’s quality assurance comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If, for any reason, parents are unhappy with their child’s school prints, we offer two options:

    1. Contact your local MSP representative to discuss concerns. We may be able to set up a time to re-shoot the portrait.
    2. Return the product to your local MSP Photography outlet within 14 days of delivery with a note explaining why they are unhappy, and their contact information. We will get in touch with them to organise a full refund.

    Please note that this money-back guarantee does not extend to Digital Portrait downloads, so please ensure that you’re completely happy with your hard-copy prints before you download your digital portrait.

  • I’ve received a link for Online Proofing of my class, what do I do now?

    If you have received a welcome email from MSP – click the SETUP MY ACCOUNT link contained in the email, follow to the login page and create a password, then click Complete Setup.

    Select Proof My People and then select your class/group, click Next, click the Edit button on top right of each student image requiring changes, select issues from dropdown options, then Submit Issue to confirm. Scroll through all students and select an answer to all questions at the bottom of the page. Click Next, then review Teaching staff details, click Next. Select either Save Progress to finish editing at another time, or Mark As Complete to confirm all edits, then click Submit.

    For more information, please see the Online Proofing Guide for Teachers, or contact your local MSP team.

  • I’m a Photo Day Coordinator, how do I assign online Online Proofing tasks to class teachers?

    If you have received a welcome email from MSP – click the SETUP MY ACCOUNT link contained in the email, follow to the login page and create a password, then click Complete Setup.

    On the main Dashboard, select Invite a Teacher, then select either Single to add one Teacher, or Multi to add multiple Teachers/Staff. Either type their names into the form or copy and paste details from Excel. Then click Send invitation to join. Automated emails will be sent to invited Teachers.

    For more information, please see the Online Proofing Guide for Photo Day Coordinators, or contact your local MSP team.

  • What other photography services does MSP Photography provide?

    At MSP Photography we offer more than simply great photos. We also offer a wide range of custom designed promotional products for your school, as well as school fundraising ideas, our great new MSP Yearbooks system, and special event photography for sports days, graduations and formals. From business cards to logos, prospectuses to pull-up banners, we have the expertise and technology to develop tailor-made, professionally finished promotional products that will make your school stand out in the crowd. Speak with your local franchise to discuss your extra photography and promotional needs.

  • I’m planning our school yearbook. How do I determine how many books we will require and how many pages our yearbook will be?

    The MSP Yearbooks team is here to help with any yearbook enquiry you may have. Estimating book numbers If you’re working out how many books you need, we suggest you start with whether your school is planning to provide the books to students and the wider school community, or if they will be sold. If the yearbooks will be given away, consider your school’s enrolment numbers and how many staff members there are. Once added together, a further small quantity on top might be helpful. If the books will be sold, count the number of families at the school (most families will only purchase one copy) and then add the required number of extras. Remember that this estimate can be amended along the way. We can always print extra books if required. Estimating page numbers This can be tricky to estimate up front, but it may be helpful to use the following steps:

    • Start with the number of classes and determine how many pages per class are needed. We suggest two pages minimum.
    • Add a page or two for the Principal’s Message and a few more for staff pages.
    • Consider the year’s major events (the sports carnival, school fete, excursions, musical production etc) and add pages to cover each event.
    • Don’t forget any special achievements that occurred in the year. These may be student, staff, community or whole school achievements.
    • Add in a page or two for autographs

    Page numbers are required for us to be able to quote on your yearbook project, but don’t be too concerned if they need to be amended as your project progresses.

  • Is MSP a member of the Professional School Photographers Network?

    Yes, each MSP Photography business is a proud member of the Professional School Photographers Network (PSPN).  This membership guarantees a professional standard that assures integrity, trust and the highest standards. We adhere to the Network’s code of conduct in relation to the collection and use of student data and images, as well as ensure all staff have current ‘Working with Children’ checks in place.