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Capturing school moments

As MSP Photography is Australia's largest school photography service provider, photographing around 1.3 million pre-school, primary school and high school students across Australia each year, it would make sense to tell you that MSP Photography is the biggest and the best in the industry.

But did you know that MSP Photography is made up of 25 local businesses, owned and operated by people who care deeply about the schools they service? Investing in long-term partnerships with schools, each MSP Photography business owner is part of their local community and enjoys lending their support where possible.

With each new advance in photo production technology, you can be assured that MSP Photography is among the first school photo companies in line for upgrades and improvements.

What you might not realise is that, along with long-life paper and top quality ink, MSP Photography also ensures the best training for our in-house production staff, who quality assure every single photo taken to ensure it meets our high standards.

We could tell you about the technology that allows us to capture thousands of images each day, making our streamlined photo day processes among the best in the business.

What we’d prefer you to know is that we listen to our customers and anticipate their needs. We assign a dedicated team member to answer questions on the spot at each and every photo day. We’ve even been known to supply change or help parents order photos online, right then and there.

We have more than two decades in the business, and could talk to you about all the good things we’ve done in the past, however, what we really like to do is talk about the future, and how we can help capture your students’ irreplaceable school moments

Talk to us to find out how. 


Each MSP Photography business owner is a proud member of the Professional School Photographers Association of Australia. PSPA membership guarantees a professional standard that assures integrity, trust and the highest of standards.