MSP Photography has formed a strategic alliance with Compass Education

For schools using the Compass Education management system, our alliance means that organising Photo Day is now even easier.

Linking to the functionality of Compass, a leading education software provider in Australia, schools can quickly access their student photography lists, plus view class photos and student portraits online. Data transfers and image uploads are streamlined.

MSP’s partnership with Compass improves the Photo Day experience for schools and simplifies orders for parents. Payment options are secure and contactless.

When schools using Compass book MSP Photography for School Photo Day, school staff can use the Compass platform to help keep track of Photo Day arrangements, including dates, times, and plans for any special shots. School photos can be uploaded directly by MSP to Compass after Photo Day.

Using this direct Compass-to-School integration, with easy payment options and online proofing, schools will reduce the administrative burden of their school photography.

MSP Photography’s alliance with Compass Education will give schools and parents access to first-class solutions for school photos built on a foundation of first-class service

MSP data is stored safely within the Compass platform which is hosted securely in Australian dedicated datacentres. FamilyProtect technology ensures only school-authorised family members can order photos through the Compass ordering system.

To find out more, click the link below to contact your friendly, local MSP Team.