MSP Photography New England

Welcome to MSP Photography New England!

MSP New England photographs schools in the New England region of NSW and the QLD South West.

We work and live in this region and actively support our local schools and their wider communities. We aim to be the local experts with a local focus. 

The MSP Photography New England team are friendly and motivated professionals whose priority is making photo day hassle free for our schools while providing lasting, quality photographic memories for families. 

We are backed by our national resource centre that leads the way in providing high-quality photos through the use of advanced technology and well-defined processes. We have the processes and solutions in place to really ensure that life is easier with MSP.

Areas Serviced


Services Offered

Primary School Photography
Secondary School Photography
School Marketing

Awards & Associations

Australian Catholic Primary Principals Assoc.
Australian Primary Principals Assoc.
NSW Secondary Principals Council
NSW Secondary Dep. Principals Assoc.
NSW Primary Principals Association
NSW Primary Dep. Principals Association
NSW Women in Educational Leadership
NSW School Admin Support Staff Professional Assoc.