10 Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Schools hold fundraising drives for all sorts of reasons – to subsidise a school excursion, pay for much needed classroom equipment, or fund building repairs. Fundraising can be difficult in any financial climate, but there are a range of ideas that families will value.

Here’s a few ideas to get your fundraising committee thinking:

  1. School calendar – every family could use a beautiful calendar setting out important school dates for the year. It’s good to think about this by Term Four so calendars can be on sale or provided to families in Term One.
  2. Yearbooks – the perfect snapshot of the year that was, yearbooks can be sold to parents as a great fundraiser. Advertising space within the yearbook is another great way to cover costs and raise additional funds.
  3. Christmas cards or gift wrapping paper – ask students to enter their design in a competition to select the best artwork for the cover of the Christmas Card and wrapping paper design.
  4. Themed family portrait weekends – have a professional photograph taken of your family, with a proportion of sales going to your school. Themes might include Easter, Christmas, the school formal/graduation or something particular to your school.
  5. Sponsorships – students can ask family and friends to sponsor them in activities like a walk-a-thon, a read-a-thon or foregoing their favourite activity (lollies, screen time, talking).
  6. Artwork auction and cocktail reception – this not only gives parents the chance to buy their child’s masterpiece, it also gives them a nice excuse to mingle with other parents. Artworks could be paintings, drawings, sculpture or any kind of craft making.
  7. School fete – this usually takes months of planning, but the rewards are there for hardworking volunteers to raise big dollars for their school. The sky’s the limit with fete stall ideas and attractions.
  8. Products/drive – Everything from cakes to plants, games and puzzles, to first aid kits can be sourced and sold as a fundraiser. Products that lend themselves to families (such as toys, drink bottles or books) work well as a fundraising drive.
  9. Car wash – hosting a carwash at the school is a good way to get students involved in fundraising for a particular excursion or end-of-year activity. Plus the family car is left sparkling clean!
  10. Dance the night away – a school disco is a great way for the kids to socialise, get some exercise, and raise funds for the school via an entry fee.